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Bimonthly Payroll | Definition, Is it Even Authorized, & Extra

You’re making an attempt to determine a good pay frequency for your online business. There are a variety of well-liked choices, like weekly payroll, and a few which are somewhat extra on the market, like bimonthly payroll.

Have you ever ever heard of bimonthly payroll? When you’ve got, would you think about it on your small enterprise?

You could not get the prospect to make that selection. Learn on to study precisely what a bimonthly fee schedule is, frequent misconceptions about it, and whether or not you should use it to pay your employees.

What’s bimonthly payroll?

Earlier than working payroll, it’s worthwhile to choose a pay frequency. Your pay frequency determines how typically you’ll pay workers all year long.

Usually, there are 4 essential pay frequencies companies can select from:

  • Weekly
  • Biweekly
  • Semimonthly
  • Month-to-month

However wait! There’s no point out of bimonthly payroll. So, what’s it? Is it a professional payroll possibility? Nicely, it relies upon.

In accordance with Merriam-Webster, bimonthly can imply one among two issues:

  • Twice monthly
  • As soon as each two months
What does bimonthly payroll mean? 1) Employees receive checks twice per month OR 2) Employees receive checks once every two months

Relying on the way you outline bimonthly payroll, it may be synonymous with semimonthly or biweekly payroll, that means you (usually) pay your employees twice monthly. Or, it could actually imply that you simply’re making an attempt to pay workers as soon as each two months … which is perhaps a little bit of a stretch.

Let’s break it down yet another step. For those who outline bimonthly pay durations as being twice monthly, what’s the distinction between biweekly vs. semimonthly payroll?

A biweekly pay schedule means workers obtain 26 paychecks per yr. This implies you run payroll as soon as each two weeks on constant days of the week (e.g., Fridays). Two months through the yr, workers obtain three paychecks in a month.

Then again, a semimonthly pay schedule means workers obtain 24 paychecks per yr. Semimonthly implies that you pay workers two instances monthly on particular dates (e.g., the fifteenth and thirtieth of the month).

So if you happen to hear the phrase “bimonthly payroll,” somebody is perhaps combining biweekly and semimonthly pay schedules.

Are bimonthly pay durations authorized?

Earlier than deciding to set a bimonthly pay schedule, first be sure that it’s authorized. Find out about pay frequency necessities by state for each definitions of bimonthly payroll under.

Bimonthly—twice monthly

In most states, paying workers twice monthly is completely authorized. Nonetheless, some states don’t enable semimonthly payroll or each semimonthly and biweekly payroll.

Semimonthly payroll guidelines

In accordance with the Division of Labor, the next states don’t let employers set semimonthly payroll schedules:

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire

And, some states that usually enable semi-monthly payroll schedules have particular guidelines in place. For instance, employers in New York will pay employees utilizing a semimonthly frequency upon approval.

Biweekly payroll guidelines

Like semimonthly payroll, biweekly schedules are usually accepted. Nonetheless, two states don’t enable it:

Once more, different states that enable biweekly payroll could have particular guidelines in place. For instance, Michigan pay frequency guidelines depend upon occupation.

Undecided in case your state has semimonthly or biweekly payroll rules?

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Bimonthly—as soon as each two months

Issues get somewhat dicier while you outline bimonthly payroll as paying your workers as soon as each two months.

Most states ban bimonthly pay durations. Nonetheless, 4 states do not need pay frequency rules in place.

The next states don’t require employers to make use of a selected payroll schedule:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina

In case your workers work in one of many above 4 states, you must nonetheless contact your state to confirm you possibly can run bimonthly payroll.

What about taxes?

One other factor it’s worthwhile to think about if you happen to run payroll as soon as each two months is the way you’ll deal with employment taxes.

Federal revenue and payroll taxes are due both month-to-month or semiweekly. Preserve this in thoughts if you happen to suppose paying your employees as soon as each two months is a good suggestion.

Bimonthly fee schedule: Some meals for thought

There are three essential issues it’s worthwhile to bear in mind if you wish to give workers a bimonthly paycheck:

  • Your definition of bimonthly (i.e., twice monthly or as soon as each two months)
  • If it’s allowed (what does your state should say about it?)
  • The way you’ll deal with tax deposits if you happen to pay workers as soon as each two months

As a substitute of paying workers as soon as each two months, bear in mind which you can choose a extra frequent pay schedule (e.g., weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or month-to-month). Selecting a usually accepted frequency cannot solely assist hold your workers pleased, however it could actually additionally hold issues authorized.

Go forward, decide a payroll frequency that works for your online business. With Patriot’s on-line payroll, we gained’t cost you every time you run payroll. So whether or not you run payroll weekly or month-to-month, you’ll pay the identical low price. Begin your free trial now! 

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